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Barthletix is a new breed of on-screen entertainment for sports bar patrons.  It combines the social aspects of arcade games of the past, mixes it with the fun of phone games, and recreates the excitement of live sports.


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Minutes for first-time setup

$ Total cost to try for 1 month*

*Requires a $100 refundable deposit for the TV box

$ per TV per Month


For Your Bar & Restaurant

Barthletix is a new entertainment platform designed for your sports-friendly bar or restaurant.  All the excitement, draw, and customer spending that comes with a great sports night can be created any night with Barthletix.

Barthletix lets you utilize what you already have in your bar: TVs, customers, and their phones.

Instead of browsing the net or playing mobile games, customers can now use their phones to connect to your TV and play sports-themed games with other patrons in your bar, creating a fun, heads-up live sports game night experience.

You can set up your own leaderboards, leagues, engagement, and loyalty systems.

With Barthletix you will acquire more customers, retain them longer, and boost your revenue by extending their Length of Stay.

For Your Customers

A night out should be something special.  Big game night at your local sports bar is something special– the crowd, the excitement, food & drinks, …. the entire experience.  What if that could be any night?  Imagine, customers, challenging each other, and cheering for one another with Barthletix on your TV. This is the big idea of Barthletix.

Barthletix delivers the community enjoyment of couch games, all the personalization and options of mobile and PC games, and yet has a heads-up esthetic and pacing that makes it just right for a sports-friendly bar.

Your customers simply scan a QR code from your TV (or type in a short URL into their browser) and — pronto, they’re able to play any game from the Barthletix game library.  Later, they can claim an ID by registering and retain their status and purchases.

No app installation is necessary to play and no table-side equipment is needed. Just their phones and their (new) friends. Games allow 2 to 10 players at a time.  They can play football, basketball, darts, hockey, soccer, trivia, and many more games right from their table.


For Your Partners

Since the game controller is the player’s phone, it can bring you the same customer insight and communications as other phone-based technology.  Barthletix games give you new insight into who was there and what they did. This means you know who visited last night, learn more about what they want more of, and have a way to communicate with them (on this same phone) after they leave.

Other suppliers and partner initiatives benefit from this new two-way communication platform and source of important customer information.  Mixed with existing data they can extend traditional social media, advertising, and customer loyalty strategies.

As an example, Partners can organize custom leagues, leaderboards, and events with your venue to mutually boost sales and retention.

Yet, Barthletix is still able to protect customer privacy.  The platform is designed from the very beginning to be fully compliant with the strongest privacy laws in the world: European GDPR and California’s CCPA.

Restaurant Technology Guy Jeremy Julian and Barthletix’s Head of Sales Matt Mayfield Discuss the Benefits of Barthletix

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Start entertaining your customers in less than 5 minutes and give them a great reason to stay longer.


Order the Barthletix box. It will arrive at your doorstep within 7 days from ordering.


Plug it in your big screen TV in your bar or restaurant.


Connect it to your bar’s or restaurant’s wifi.

That’s all!




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Barthletix is producing new games monthly.  There is something for everyone and always something new.



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