Retain patrons, acquire new ones and boost revenue with what you already have in your bar:
Big-screen TVs, customers, and their smartphones.

Are you a player and want to check out leagues and leaderboards?

Barthletix generates acquisition and retention and boosts revenue for bars and restaurants by engaging guests with collaborative and competitive games played with their smartphones and displayed on your big-screen TVs for all to enjoy. Anyone can join and play with or against other customers.

Barthletix is a digital sports bar where everyone is engaged and immersed in playing football, soccer, darts, race cars, play trivia or blackjack and roulette.

No more slow nights. Every night is game night!


Boost in Revenue for Barthletix Venues


Increase in Retention for Barthletix Venues

Low Initial Investment

Competitive and Collaborative Games


For Your Bar & Restaurant

Barthletix is a new engagement, advertising and communication platform for your bar, your customers and your partners.

Barthletix lets you utilize what you already have in your bar: TVs, customers and their phones.

Instead of browsing the net or playing mobile games, customers can now use their phones to connect to your TV and play games with other patrons in your bar, creating a fun, game-night experience.

You can set up a your own leader-boards, leagues, engagement and loyalty systems. All the data about your customers is available live 24/7 to be utilized by you or your partners.

Barthletix will generate acquisition, retention and will boost your revenue.

For Your Customers

The majority of entertainment in bars is either passive or dated. But not in yours!

Your customers simply scan a QR code from your TV, or type in a short URL and — pronto, they’re able to play any game from the Barthletix library of skill and chance based games.

No app installation is necessary to play and no dated hardware on tables is needed. Just their phones and their friends. They can play football, basketball, darts, air hockey, soccer, trivia and many more games right from their chair. All that while you earn money!

Each time they order drinks or food, they’ll get more credit to play games with.

To play longer, buy upgrades, attend championships and get on leader-boards, customers will buy Gold credits, which are sold at your bar or restaurant. They are simple paper tokens with a QR code you’ll can sell to customers when they ask for Gold.

We have exciting revenue share options: the more Gold you sell, the more revenue you generate.

For Your Partners

You can share data with your partners which will open direct channels of communication to their customers and a 360 view of their purchasing habits.

This is an invaluable tool for building even stronger partnerships with your suppliers.

To further boost your leverage, partners can organize custom leagues, leader-boards and events with your venue to boost sales and retention.


Your Barthletix is ready to start making money in less than 5 minutes!


Order the Barthletix box. It will arrive at your doorstep within 7 days from ordering.


Plug it in your big screen TV in your bar or restaurant.


Connect it to your bar’s or restaurant’s wifi.

That’s all! Now you can start making money while your guests enjoy the Barthletix experience!




Do you have a boss that needs convincing? Let us help you.


Choose from a library of many sports, trivia and casual games, both competitive and collaborative. There’s a game for every bar and restaurant and for every occasion.


The Barthletix box is the latest industrial-grade Android device, built specifically for bars and restaurants. The device was precisely designed and developed in Europe undergoing the most rigorous tests.

All you need to do is plug in the box to your big screen TV and connect it to wifi. Then let everything else to the customer.

I get patrons beers as soon as they place the bet. I don’t have to wait for a table to call me and order a round anymore. It’s unbelievable!

Malcolm Reynolds

Waiter, Jack’s One Hand

My tips have increased by 10% since the system was installed. I love it!

River Tam

Waiter, The Chicken and Elephant Bar


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